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Whangarei, New Zealand
Whangarei, on Nz´s east coast, 70 nm north of
Auckland and 50 nm south of Opua, Bay of
Islands the most popular spot to clear into NZ.  
Whangarei,10 nm up the river, the busy little
town offers absolutely everything for the
cruising sailor. Yards, workshops, spare parts,
schools, entertainment, medical help, pre-loved
cars, schools, pubs, cinemas, but also peace
and quiet. Plenty of international boats and fine
social contact.

Thats where we are located:

International Yacht Services Ltd.
48 Riverside Drive, P.O. Box 653
New Zealand
Lilly Vedana, Thomas Müller, f.d. Yacht MIZ MAE
Tel.and Fax ++64 (0)9 438 88 00
Whangarei Town Basin Arial Shot
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